Decorating with bookends

How to Decorate With Bookends

Want to learn how to decorate with bookends? Here's 7 easy ways to decorate your space with book ends. 

Number 1: Clean up your shelf

After years of reading and collecting books, your shelf is probably stuffed. Books piled up on top of each other and messy. Bookends are an easy way to clean up your shelf and make it more orderly, while adding a decorative feel to your home. 

Number 2: Match your style

Bookends come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. So, find something that matches you and your style. Have pets? There's bookends for that. Superhero fan? Get yourself some superhero bookends. If you are looking for something more decorative then you have no problem finding simple and elegant looking bookends. 

Number 3: Color coded

Organizing books by color is a fun and unique way to make your shelf pop. Some books will be able to stay upright on their own, but if you want to keep the books and colors in place then you could use bookends.

Number 4: Display what matters

With so many books on a shelf it can be hard to find your favorites. Keep the books you enjoy most in front and organized with bookends. You could also store your collection away while only displaying a small number of books on the shelf.

Number 5: Organize by genre

Separate your books by genre and place unique bookends to match on both sides. 

Number 6: DIY

Make you own bookends with some common household objects. Rocks are a heavy alternative to bookends, just make sure it has a flat side that can keep books in place. Basically anything that is heavy can be used as bookends. 

Number 7: Just use books

Lay your extra books flat, pressing against the base of other books. A simple and free way to organize your shelf. Plus you will save space. 

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