What Are Bookends Used For?

What Are Bookends Used For?

Bookends: A pair of supports on each end of a stack of books used to hold books secure in an upright and orderly position.

Why use Bookends?

There are many reasons to use bookends, the most common use is keeping books in place. Stacks of books can slid and tip over while bookends offer support in keeping books secure. Have a books that constantly fall off the shelf? Then bookends are a perfect way to keep them upright. Bookends come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and weights. Each of them can add a unique look while maintaining its functionality. 

How many books can bookends hold?

Most bookends can hold as many books as you can fit between them. Some provide more support then others, but most bookends should be able to hold dozens of books in place. Heavy books like textbooks may require larger or heavier bookends. 

Do you need bookends?

Lets be honest, you can live without bookends, but you bookshelf sure does look a lot better when you have them. If you have a collection of books that you have to display on your shelf then you should use bookends. They are a great way to keep books secure and upright, plus you can fit something that fits your personality. 


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